March and April in the Art Room

Check out the beautiful pastel drawings that Laurie’s 4/5/6 graders created during their Egyptian unit. They spent over three 45 minute class sessions developing these drawings, from research of their Egyptian god or goddess, developing a sketch, transferring to a large sheet of drawing paper and then making their gods come to life with deep rich colors and imaginative designs. The drawings have been displayed around Laurie’s classroom since the Egyptian fair. Come by and see these in real life!



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Laurie’s students took a break from their Egyptian studies and went down to the San Geronimo Valley Community Center with Kristy for an art gallery field trip to view April’s artists the brothers Zhaolui Liu and Song Feng Liu in the Valley Room and West Room. The students were lucky to be able to just walk down the path to view such high quality work, equal to anything viewed at major galleries in the City. After viewing the paintings and drawings they broke off into small groups and took turns being “docents” by picking an art piece and then talking about the art to the rest of the class. Some of the students followed up with an art activity of collaging modern images onto photocopies of famous Dutch Renaissance paintings (a reflection of Zhaolui Liu’s classical paintings of modern day life). A description of the show can be found here:


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Meanwhile, the kindergarten through 6th graders have been busy working on their ocean units with all of the teachers. They created tide pool creatures in the art room with clay, paper, modeling clay and other materials. The computers were taken out of the hallway and put into the library and Laurie’s room to make room for the giant tide pool created by the students and adult helpers. The tide pool section is completed, the mural above it is almost done, and there should be a slideshow display up soon with photos from the Duxbury Reef field trip last month.


Chinese New Year Art Work and More

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Thank you everyone for the positive feedback, I’m really enjoying this chance to share your children’s art projects with you!


Kristy Arroyo

Welcome to the Open Classroom Art Room Blog!

Welcome to the Open Classroom Art Room’s first blog posting! It may not be fancy, but consider it an art work in progress, and please feel free to write back with your questions and comments. Keep posted to find out what your children have been working on throughout the school year with art teachers Kristy Arroyo, Molly Edwards, Wednesday morning art room volunteers Amena Hajjar and Valerie Fowler Daley and other art room related topics. This first posting will feature photos and brief descriptions of some of the projects we’ve been working on since December.