Our next parent meeting is coming up Wednesday February 11th 7:00-9:00pm

Below is the information for the meeting.

As you will see the discussion of consensus IS on the agenda.

We received 20 responses (based on Heather’s email where she shared the anonymous letter and asked that people either agree or disagree with the letter and asked to vote if it should be on the next parent meeting agenda)

  • 15 people said yes they agree with the letter and please put it on the agenda
  • 1 person disagrees and is OK if its on the agenda
  • 4 people disagree and do not want it on the agenda

If you did not see that email go back through your inbox and look for an email from Heather on 1/29 that refers to the anonymous letter. That way you can join in on the discussion.

If you have any questions let me/us know.

Also note that we will begin the meeting with breakout groups with your child’s teacher.

See you Wednesday the 11th at 7:00pm



This month we will begin with breakout meetings in your child’s classroom.

This is an opportunity to learn and discuss what is going on in the classroom with your child’s teacher and other parents.

Then we will all gather to discuss the process of consensus.

7:00-7:45 individual class meeting

7:50-9:00 introductions, announcements and discussion about consensus

Wednesday February 11, 2015 7:00 -9:00pm

First meeting in your child’s classroom then we will move to the the New Room on the Open Classroom Campus

Contact Darshana, your meeting coordinator
415 323 3063

Childcare will be provided

We look forward to seeing you there!