March is Lagunitas School District’s annual Read-a-thon.


It is time once again for this fantastic fundraiser. The Read-a-thon generates a significant amount of funding for our school with relatively little work on the part of the adults— the kids gather sponsors, read, collect money, bring it to the office and collect a prize. Not only is the Read-a-thon a wonderful way to raise money, but it gets the students excited about reading and proud of their achievement. Parents can help by becoming sponsors and/or suggesting friends and family that can be sponsors. ALL READING COUNTS, so keep track of any reading you do aloud with your children as well. Some teachers may also be keeping track of reading done during school and that can also be tallied up and added to the reading log at the end of the month. Please be on the look-out for the packet with a white envelope coming home on Friday and help your student find a safe place at home to keep it for the month to log their reading. Thank you so much for your help and participation—let’s make this the best Read-a- thon ever!

Huda Al-Jamal