Greetings to all you sweet SGV Parents!

I hope this email finds you well and your families refreshed after some nice time off.

Before leaving the country back in Jan. a few parents who had kids in my after school yoga session strongly suggested that these classes continue, whenever possible. Love that!

So, I am doing my best to squeeze another session in before the school year closes!

It seems like Thursday afternoon was a good day for many, so I’m going to stick with that. I know that your little ones are extremely active and many may be busy with other great activities then.

My hope was to offer a 6-week session, but I don’t land back in the States until May 4, which would mean the last class would be on the last day of school…not sure that is a wise decision on my end. So, we will settle for a 4-week session. Better something than nothing!

I will send out an addition email, with further information, once everything is confirmed with the sgvcc. However, can you please write me back and let me know either way: are you interested or not? That would be a huge help and much appreciated.

I’d like to ask for your help with one other thing. Can you please circulate this info to other families, your kids friends, etc., I only reach a few people in my circle of who I know, but I also know there are many other families that would like to learn about this offering.

Appreciation in advance for getting back to me and spreading the news!

Here are the basics:
*Yoga for Youth at the SGVCC!
Teacher: Amber Charne
Age: Elementary
4-week Session: May 7th – May 28th
Day: Thursdays
Time: 3:15-4:15pm
Price: $60
Registration & Info: Contact Amber at: ambersyoga
Class description:
In a fun and safe space we will come together to exercise our body, brain and heart using yoga movement, music and mindfulness. Exploring the play of a yoga practice through poses, breath, song and activities we with learn healthy tools to support ourselves in this oh so very full life and share in finding joy, presence and calmness in each moment.

In gratitude,

Amber Charne
Yoga Instructor

Devoted to Children Foundation
Program Director

415.497.8765 (U.S)
506.8661.6006 (C.R.)

509.3112.2444 (Haiti)