Dear Open Classroom Parents:

I am looking forward to seeing all of you on November 12 for the parent meeting where we will discuss a proposal to modernize the upper campus using Measure A bond money that the voters approved last year.  The meeting will be in the New Room at 7:00PM

This is a very exciting and challenging time to be associated with the Open Classroom because the work we do now will have a significant effect on the experiences of children, families and teachers far into the future.

First, I would like to share with you the schematic designs that have been proposed by the district architect so that we can begin our conversation with a shared understanding of what is being proposed.  I have also attached a schematic drawing of the current configuration for comparison as well as some notes about the thinking behind the design and some photos of the current interior.

Secondly, I want to urge you to come to the meeting with an open mind, ready to listen to and weigh various perspectives and provide your own input.

Open mindedness is more important than ever for our school community because the teachers (upon whom we often rely for guidance) have not reached consensus.  Both Principal Laura Shain and I have met with them and discussed the matter in depth. They have all expressed their thoughts and may want to share them at the meeting as well.

We also discussed the design at a district facilities committee meeting last week and gathered their preliminary input.  The committee would very much like us to gather feedback from the Parent Group and report back to them at their next meeting.

The final decision will be made by our Board of Trustees with significant input from all of us.  So please give this matter your sincere consideration and critical thought. We have been given a wonderful opportunity to shape and beautify our school in a way that will serve not only our children but many more who will come after us so it is important to give this our best effort.

Thank You
John Carroll, Superintendent
Lagunitas School District
San Geronimo Valley, California

Download a PDF of John’s notes with some photos and a layout design.