Hi Friends,

Just a reminder that this Wednesday at 7pm the San Geronimo Community Center is hosting a free screening of the film we made in Boston about a wonderful inner city school doing it right on so many levels, and against the odds. GOOD MORNING MISSION HILL the freedom to teach the freedom to learn debuted on public tv last fall, and has been playing around the country at community events and colleges. Particularly timely during the standardized testing season, and with the US Senate making decisions about the reauthorization of No Child Left Behind, it is not a didactic film, and can be enjoyed just as an intimate glimpse into the lives of the children and adults you come to know. Here are a few of the comments we have received:
“this is a wonderful and needed film portrait. As too many schools become test-prep academies, Good Morning Mission Hill reminds us that we have alternatives.” Bill Bigelow, editor, Rethinking Schools
“Good Morning Mission Hill is as lovely, joyous and wise as is the school itself. The film catches children in glorious variety as their teachers shepherd them toward adulthood by collaborating deeply with the students in meaningful work and sharing their daily pleasures and pains.” Monty Neill, director, Fairtest
“‘Good Morning Mission Hill’ is moving, inspiring, educational, and thought-provoking as well as being an anthem, a hymn, a poem, a song to learning through what Freire called ‘a humanizing pedagogy’.” Mary Roche Senior Lecturer in Education at St. Patrick’s College, Thurles, Ireland.
“It captures what schools can, and should, look like better than anything I could say in a lecture. …Thanks for another splendid piece of work, one that will be immensely useful to the cause of progressive education.” Alfie Kohn, award winning writer on children and school

Amy Valens