hello parents

i wanted to give you an update on the parent meeting last week, including some of the the play by play of the sliding partitions discussion, because i know this was an important issue and some parents could not be there

first, i want to thank those of you who came to the meeting last night, for taking the time out of your busy schedules to stick with the issue of sliders that needed attention

i also want to acknowledge that it is not possible for everyone to come to the meetings, for a variety of reasons, and as much as it would have been great to have you there, its completely understandable.

Among the discussions planned for future meetings are the questions of how to make parent participation more inclusive of parents who cannot attend these meetings, and how to make the meetings more efficient and satisfying for parents who do attend. i hope you will come to our next meetings to help in figuring these things out.

given the issues that were on the table i wanted you to hear how the process went and the statement we came up with to give to the board on 3/19

first- the room was filled with honesty, truthfulness and integrity

it was a rich conversation between everyone, parents and staff

before the meeting the staff had come to some agreements themselves and we used that as a platform to build the statement for the board

the teachers had recommended that we move the art room to where anitas room is now so it could continue to be the “heartbeat” of the open classroom
then we would have 3/4 and 5/6 on one side of the art room and k/1, 1/2 on the other side
with the art room moved to that location, they wanted to recommend to put sliders on each side that shares a wall with a classroom

after further conversation most of the staff came to feel that sliders would be good to have between all the classrooms

at our meeting there were many feelings in the air but the staff’s intention is to continue to work together collaboratively on creative ways of using the sliders that draw upon the OC program philosophy

once we heard from the teachers, we went around the circle and heard from everyone who wanted to speak (which was everyone!!) about where they stood regarding the issue
then continuing to use the consensus process, we “took the temperature” in the room; i.e., we asked for a “fist-to-five” show of hands from everyone, in which the number of fingers each person held up indicated how much support they were expressing for the teachers’ proposal.

almost everyone showed four or five fingers; we then continued the discussion with those who displayed three or fewer fingers until we reached consensus

we landed with this statement:

At the last Open Classroom parent meeting, the Open Classroom community reached consensus on supporting the Proposal to move forward with partitions between rooms in place; and the art room relocated to the current 3rd/4th classroom (according to the plan presented by Kristy Arroyo). Continue with the spirit of collaboration from parents and teachers on the use of the partitions; and the understanding that there will be further discussion of specifics such as design and materials.

i also want to mention that we made a running list of agenda items for future meetings. Those will also be included in the notes as well as an email that i will send out with those items

that way we can work together as a parent body to work through the list.

thanks again to everyone for working together, and thanks to Mark Daley for helping to facilitate the meeting. Darshana