Dear Open Classroom,

As many of you know, both Sandy, our school secretary, and Gina, our gardener are leaving Open Classroom.
As appreciation for their kindness and dedication to our children and our school, we’d like to thank them.

I spoke with the Anita and Marlene about Sandy’s gift. Sandy loves to garden. We think a bird bath that the kids
can paint would be a bright spot in Sandy’s garden.

For Gina, who may want a break from the garden, she may enjoy a spa day. If someone has an idea for Gina we are open to it.

I will leave cards and manilla envelopes for contributions on Tuesday, May 26th, in Marlene’s room. I will need to acquire the bird bath by June 5th, as it will have to be sealed before decorating/painting. We will give this to Sandy on the last day of school.

Thanks for your help!

Jen Fredenburg