2018-2019 Parents Meeting Survey Results

41 results, representing about 1/2 the open classroom households for 2018-2019.

The largest group attended no meetings. Of those who attended meetings, most attended ‘some’ of the meetings, followed closely by a group who attended ‘few’ of the meetings and finally by the smallest group, who attended ‘all or most’ of the meetings.


Of those who did not attend or attended few, the strongest theme was timing; some indicated that ‘earlier’ and ‘shorter’ was better, while some asked for different days or revolving days.

The next theme from respondents was the role of parents and staff. Respondents want the agenda-driven and set by parents. One respondent summarized others well in desiring a focus on “truly listening to parents’ concerns and thoughts on education and evolving to present-day needs.”

Another theme was spending less time on budget and fundraising, and perhaps calling out those topics ahead for designated or separate meetings.

Lastly, there were mentions of providing food, networking time, and better follow up on action items, with the specific item of training for co-opers expressed multiple times.

You can get a PDF of the survey results HERE.


Routine Meeting Format

Meetings will start/end on time and will not restart introductions when folks come in late.  If babysitting or meals are provided it will be indicated in the agenda email that goes out prior to the meeting.  The required meeting will be 1 hour, followed by an optional 30 minutes.

<——required meeting starts——>

Introductions – 5 minutes

Staff Updates – 10 minutes What’s happening in your classroom/school?

<—parent chosen topic or education—> – 30 minutes

Future Topic Selection – 10 minutes

Brief Announcements – 5 minutes (just a couple sentences each – no Q&A)

<——required meeting ends——>

<——optional time starts——>

30 minutes of optional social/unstructured time for Q&A, follow-up, etc..

<——optional time ends——>


Annual Schedule

The schedule will be set in the last few weeks of the school year for the following year and added to the electronic calendar. There are 5 *special* meetings with set agenda items.

August – This meeting takes place at back to school nite and includes, an introduction to the Parents Meeting and schedule, and introduction to LEAP, an introduction to co-oping and out of classroom jobs, and an announcement about the Annual Open Classroom Campout

September – This meeting happens at the Annual Open Classroom Campout

October – This meeting is a potluck and includes a presentation to the Open Classroom Philosophy

November – Standard meeting

December – Standard meeting

January – Standard meeting

February – Standard meeting

March – Standard meeting

April – Budget

May – Standard meeting

June – This meeting the End of School Year Party and Open House, and is typically a potluck