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The making of our Ceramic Mural

Clay and Play Day
The first event of the year long celebration was planned by Jasper Thelin, Kira Thelin, Susan Chavez, Buck Chavez, Kristy Arroyo and Amy Valens.
Current parents sold treats all day That’s Poppy and Malika Henderson, and Eddy and Stephen Scafani behind the counter here. The people in front just happened to be coming to play at the playground and stumbled on a good thing!
They had plenty of t-shirts and sweatshirts for sale too. We will be designing a special 50th anniversary one for the spring events!
The Friday before Breeze Kinsey had helped students make scare crows
a calm moment at the start for Jasper, Ace, and Breeze to chat.
Clay customers started to arrive
Kira and Susan got the dancing going
Buck Chavez giving it his particular twist!
Elwyn is in kindergarten this year
Poppy is in 6th grade
Katherine attended the Open Classroom, and now she works for the school district!
Sandy’s daughter Margaret Mckenzie came down from Quincy.
Kristy’s idea of a new section of the clay mural we made for the 25th anniversary was the starting point for this event.
Mixed age kickball!
Marsha Thelin was there with all three of her Open Classroom alumni children. We hope her two alumni grandkids will make it to the May 14th event.
Larry Nigro gathered a group for a bird walk
His interest in birds sparked many projects over his 30 years teaching at Open.
Parachute joy!
the power of group effort made visible!
Malika and Paulo in the middle
all of us underneath
Anna and Paulo
We were so happy that Judy Voets could join us. Karen Voets and Heather Dorward are involved in planning this year’s events.
Judy and Marsha go back 50 years with the program as parents and teacher.
Amin and Karim worked the clay table all day.
Judy makes her mark
Clay is nothing new for Marty and Bud, but now their hands will be part of the program they had a big hand in creating. Marty will be at school next week making sugar skulls with students as she has almost every year of the program’s
a few of the many pieces that will become part of the new mural
Buck brought Frisbees for us to launch. We sang the Open Classroom birthday song to the Open Classroom!
The first reunion photo of the year. Looking forward to a much bigger one in May!