Clay and Play Day is coming right up this weekend! Here’s the schedule:

12:00:  Check in at the welcome table by the parking lot, get your wristband, find a good spot for your picnic, and join pickup games of cornhole, hunker hauser (rope-balance), 9 square, 2-touch, or handball.  Stroll over to the tables set up by the Open’s art room ready for you to press your hand into a piece of clay or form a simple hand built design. They are destined to become part of new sections of the Open Classroom ceramic mural!  Open Classroom parents will have soft drinks and t-shirts for sale.  Water will be available, but it’s helpful if you bring your own water bottle.

1:00 Clay continues all afternoon, and we add kickball, hoops, and 3 Flies Up to the blacktop. Dancing with Kira Thelin and Susan Chavez starts up in the shade of the lunch shelter, and Larry Nigro will set off on a bird walk!

2:00 Play circle games and have parachute fun with Jasper Thelin or join Jenelle Ferhart for Capture The Flag.

3:00 “P.E. with Buck.”  Buck Chavez gathers us with his famous Tarzan call for zigzag trail frisbee, big ball fun and more. Don’t miss the Anniversary Year Reunion Kickoff Team photo! 

4:00 brings lots of smiles as folks head for home, knowing this is just the beginning of a year of celebrating!