Our Staff

Marlene Maiello

Grades K-1
After having two of her own kids go through the Open Classroom, Marlene joined the staff. She has been teaching here for 20+ years!
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Larry Nigro

Grades 1-2

Larry has been teaching kids in the Open Classroom since 1988

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Anita Collison

Grades 3-4

Anita history with the Open Classroom is long and varied. Her son and two step children went through the program. Since then, she drove the bus for the district and came on board as a teacher.

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Laurie Riley

Grades 5-6

Laurie has been with us for 20+ years. Sadly for us, 2014-2015 is her final year with the Open Classroom.

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Kristy Arroyo

Kristy is the art teacher for Open Classroom. Through her creativity, resourcefulness and passion for art, our kids get the opportunity to explore their world through art.


Gaby runs the movement program for Open Classroom.  Each day she works with small groups in developmentally appropriate movement exercises.  Sometimes that means balancing a peacock feather on their nose, other times it’s trampoline, but whatever is going on in the ‘Pod’ its always fascinating.


Corey is a true treat for Open Classroom students because when it’s time for Corey it’s time for trapeze!


Open Classroom puts a lot of emphasis on creative expression and movement.  Nica’s music lessons combine both in a way that kids love!