Welcome to the Open Classroom

The Open Classroom is a parent-cooperative, multi-age public-school elementary program located in San Geronimo, Marin County, California.Along with a public Montessori program and a progressive Middle School program , it is part of the Lagunitas School District.

Here are just a few ways our program stands out:

The Art Room is an integral part of the Open Classroom, with children K-6th passing through on a daily basis. From morning to lunch time the room can be filled with bustling activity, open-ended projects with recyclable material, wood, paper or fabric as well as projects being taught by the art teachers (Kristy Arroyo 3x week and Molly Edwards 1x week) and parent volunteers covering curriculum standards in color theory, drawing, printmaking, ceramics, crafts, textiles, collage and painting. The Open Classroom teachers also collaborate closely with the art room staff and volunteers and utilize the art room for whole group activities such as theater, fundraising events, presentations and class lessons (history, science and language arts). The 5th and 6th graders are given advanced art instruction once a week and involve the art teacher as a resource for materials and support with major projects.  See the Art Room Blog to learn more

"As an Open Classroom dad, I can't express how valuable co-oping has become to my family.  Lisa and I know all of the teachers, most of the staff, many of the parents and all of our daughter's peers.  We see first hand where our daughter excels and where she needs help. We see how she connects socially with students, teachers and other parents.  Most importantly, the line between home life and school is very blurred so learning and play, fun and work occur naturally throughout every day. " - James S
GardenHands-on time in the garden and barnyard gives our kids a tangible connection to the environment.  Learning about natural cycles of growth and decay, taking care of chickens and rabbits, growing food then preparing it to share with others adds another dimension to the classroom education.
Gabi works movement magic with all of our students in small groups.  Combining sensory integration theory, ideas from occupational therapy, fun and play, Open Classroom kids get much more than just "P.E.".  Movement is part of the everyday experience in our program and it ties into emotional, social and academic development.  What does movement look like? Some days it's bouncing on a trampoline, other days it's trapeze, maybe tossing balls around... it often takes different shapes, but is always awesome.


In the late 1960’s, the San Geronimo Valley, like most of the country, was in a state of flux.  New residents, a good number of them artists or working in helping professions, found homes in its canyons and clearing.  Often they found common ground around civil rights issues.  Many were raising families.  They became involved in cooperative pre-school groups.  Sandra and Jack Dorward were part of a growing group of parents with school-age children who were looking for a more progressive, pragmatic approach to education, and  attended school board meetings of the Lagunitas School District to start a dialogue about innovative educational ideas with board members, talking about ways to accomplish them in the public school.



Members of the Open Classroom community see social, physical, emotional, and academic growth as being interrelated and of equal value. In order to meet the needs of the total child, we emphasize respect for the individual and individual learning styles, emotional growth and freedom of choice. Swiss psychologist Jean Piaget has shown that there are patterns and sequences to the learning of certain skills; we use these as guides and recognize that individuals do not follow precise timetables. To help our children develop a sense of responsibility for their own progress, we encourage them to make choices. As educator John Holt said, “Only from making choices and judgments can the child learn to make them better, or learn to trust his own judgment.”



Marlene: Field trip

If you are driving on my field trip Thursday please come to school with your child at 8:45. We all have to check in at Fairyland at the same time in order to get the school discount. The weather is supposed to be cool so children should dress for it. Looking forward...

Train Trip!

Hi, Are you ready for the train trip on Thursday? Everyone be here at 7:30 Sharp. We have a lot of adults attending. If you can carpool with someone please do--let me know ASAP so I can have an accurate driver's list ready. It would be great to carpool to maximize the...


As you know, the Lagunitas School District has taken significant steps to balance its budget this summer. As part of a series of legally mandated spending reductions throughout the whole district, our unique programs will be losing some district-provided funds over...